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Our Mission

Our mission is to restore your passion and love for reading — through the vehicle of dirty books. Why dirty books, you may ask? Because some of the very best literature out there is supremely dirty! There is a long and storied tradition, in fact, of our most gifted writers tackling the subject of sex. After all, what more than sex confounds us and intrigues us and captivates our interest? Our natural curiosity about the subject is perhaps the one thing that unites all of humanity. And so it is that we present to you, unabashedly, our carefully curated listed of erotica. Enjoy!

Give the Best Present

A book remains one of the best presents for anyone on any occasion.
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Great writers are inspiring, so we offer a carefully curated selection.
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You will find candid and thoughtfulreader's reviews of all our curated books.
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When it comes to finding cool books, I know who I can count on… Being a masseuse, you sometimes need to escape into another world. I’ve enjoyed all the books I’ve discovered on this site! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Lee

Massage Therapist

If it wasn’t for your fresh take on books, I would have stopped reading. Honestly, I’d forgotten how fun it can be to read when the subject is spicy. Thank you and good luck!

George Gordon

Business Owner

I don’t usually take the time to post, but this site has reignited my passion for reading. Thank you for all your hard work curating and reviewing!

Linda Moore

Office Manager