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Follow Me Darkly

Author: Helen Hardt
(10 customer reviews)


She’s a take-charge woman. But he’s a master of control.

Skye Manning knows what she wants. Her job as assistant and photographer for a major social media influencer isn’t perfect, but it’s a rung on the ladder to bigger and better things. She’s confident she’ll one day take feature photos for National Geographic.

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‎ Entangled

Publication date ‏

‎ September 29, 2020

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‎ English

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‎ 315 pages

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She’s a take-charge woman. But he’s a master of control.

Skye Manning knows what she wants. Her job as assistant and photographer for a major social media influencer isn’t perfect, but it’s a rung on the ladder to bigger and better things. She’s confident she’ll one day take feature photos for National Geographic.

Self-made billionaire Braden Black didn’t get where he is by taking no for an answer. When a chance encounter with the refreshingly innocent and beautiful Skye piques his interest in more ways than one, he’s determined to make her submit.

Dating a billionaire soon has Skye in the middle of a Cinderella story…until the clock strikes midnight and Braden reveals his dark side. Heat sizzles between them, and Skye finds herself falling hard.

But Braden Black is no Prince Charming, and his dark desires are far from his only secret.

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Follow Me Darkly
Follow Me Darkly
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10 reviews for Follow Me Darkly

  1. Kandis

    Follow Me DarklyThis book somewhat like fifty shades and crossfire series. Braden Black has a darkness to him but that is what Skye is drawn to. Will that be the end to them both ?

  2. dsjones

    FOLLOW ME DARKLY Follow Me Book 1 by Helen HardtFOLLOW ME DARKLY Follow Me Book 1 by Helen HardtThis has started out to be another excellent well written story by the always talented Helen Hardt. She is one of the authors I don’t even have to see what a book will be about before I one click, if it is Helen, I am buying it! Braden Black and Sky Manning have chemistry that is on fire! This is edgy, intriguing, erotic, dark and a little mysterious. Lucy Rivers does an excellent job of narration. This is 5 stars.

  3. Chimommy

    Just ok for meI should start by saying I didn’t dislike the story but it just isn’t right for me. I liked the general story. I was engaged and was rooting for Skye but there are a couple things that are keeping me from continuing using the series.1. It drives me crazy when the woman just falls into bed with a man she just met and knows nothing about. Ugh…2. The constant use of the “p” word for a woman’s privates is annoying and turns me off real fast. I am no prude on any level but for whatever reason, this just bugs me.Like I said, the story is not bad. Just not for me for those reasons.

  4. Vanessa

    Hmmm….Not sure if I love it or just like it…. There are some Amaz8ng m9ments and then some “uh….WTF” moments. Overall I could not put this book down regardless!

  5. Gretchen Schmidt

    Entertaining, fast-paced, and super sexyFollow Me Darkly was super sexy, fast-paced, and entertaining. It was a light and easy read and I was excited to find out what would happen next.I was in the mood for insta-everything and that’s exactly what I got. I liked getting to know Skye and loved all the details about Braden. This guy is a sexy mystery that definitely likes to be in control and I couldn’t wait to find out his secrets. There are hints along the way and by the end, I was guessing correctly what he was hiding. Together Skye and Braden are scorching hot! Mixed in with the heat are some lighter moments that I enjoyed as well.This was not a taxing read even though there’s some mild drama in play. It definitely brings the hotness and there are some light BDSM elements happening. I enjoyed the overall story and the exploration of what would happen next between Skye and Braden. The story itself is not super in-depth but it gave me just enough to keep me hooked and keep things moving along nicely. For me, this book was all about the entertainment value, it was just a really fun, sexy read that I got to lose myself in and enjoy. The story does end on a slight cliffhanger but in my opinion, it’s very mild.I picked this up because I wanted a hot read that wasn’t going to stress me out and that’s what I got. I was totally caught up in these people’s lives and thought it was a delicious escape from reality!

  6. Kindle Customer

    definitely kept my attentionI can’t I love this book but it did keep my attention. I do think Skye is naive and I can’t relate. My biggest issue with the writing is the jumping around. For instance in the same scene one of the characters would be facing the window, then back against it but when scene ends it’s written as though they are still facing the window despite nothing being written about the transition. This happened a few times in the book which was annoying. Lack of complete detail and you’d think you missed a sentence or paragraph.

  7. Dawn B

    One heck of a bookSkye is a control freak, works for a social influencer as her photographer and is aspiring to more in her life. When Braden walks into her bosses office, sparks fly.Braden asks her out and is quite blunt about what he wants from her. She wants the same thing but can’t give up control. When her boss finds out about them going out, things become problematic.OpinionThis is the first book in quite a while that I’ve read in book form. I usually read ebooks. Reading this in book form reminded me of how awesome it is (and how quickly I read.). For those of you, who like me like to read ebooks, do yourself a favor and pick this up in the real book. It is well worth the price.I quite enjoyed the characters. Skye and Braden both came from humble beginnings. Braden made a fortune though but he still enjoys the things from his childhood. Because of this, I found them both relatable. Addie, Skye’s boss, is a total witch though. She has old money and seems to have been based off of Paris Hilton. This makes her a great character to hate.I feel for Skye as she is quickly swept up into a world she didn’t understand, the world of the rich. She does her best to survive and has her best friend Tessa to help her.There is a secret between Braden and Addie that threatens Skye and Braden’s relationship. We find out what it is at the end but it was not what I expected. I was quite convinced it was something more domestic.Of course this book ends in a cliffhanger where Skye has just learned what happened. We still have a few other things to find out too, like who is posting negative comments to Skye. I truly cannot wait for the next book.

  8. Heather O.

    I give up control to BradenAnyone that has read Fifty Shades of Grey, Crossfire series, or Hardwire Series will fall for this book. I for one have always loved Helen and the way she brings darkness and romance together in a series. In Follow Me Darkly, Helen introduce us to Skye Manning a girl from Kansas trying make it as a photographer…..even if being a assistant to a instagram influencers make the right selfie pics work. Skye is all about control in everything in her life and maintaining that control is key until Branden Black walks into her life.Braden is a blue collar billionaire is a sexy, dominant man with his share of secrets and edges that Skye(and myself) can’t help to find out why. All though he is dark and make people fearful of him there is a light in him that few do not see. Skye starts to open some cracks in his soul but also opens herself up to the world and starts to give up control to a man she never though she would find and love. But she has that fear that most women have when they can’t believe it’s happening. I’ve been that woman wondering “why me? Why did he pick me? Want me?” And Helen brought ever fear, hope, want, and love through this story through Skye’s eyes.The moments of darkness and heat will have you craving Branden Black and wanting more of this story. I want to know his secrets. I want to know if Skye will trust to give up control full. I want to know what twist and cliffs Helen will lead me to in the next book. And you know what I’m ready to dive in and give up control to find out.

  9. Joy Anne Johnson 2

    A great readPeople keep comparing any BDSM books to 50 shades of grey. BDSM has been around probably as long as man has been here.It’s a nice story. Took me a little while to get into but then I couldn’t read fast enough. I love the characters. You get to know them little by little, which really helps a story become more personal, without shoving details down your throat. I would encourage you to read and enjoy.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Really great scenes…Really great, passionate sex scenes. Characters are really well developed. Looking forward the the next book. I recommend this book.

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